The Andrews Property Difference

From Warren Andrews…

I have been selling country based real estate since 1988 and find the dynamics of the Real Estate Industry interesting, surprising and sometimes disappointing.

I remember a property I once sold a long time ago overlooking Lake Albert about 1 1/2 hours out of Adelaide. We were the ‘seventh’ agent onsite over a two year period.  The three local agents in town had all had two attempts each at selling this property.

To keep the story brief, I sold the property within two weeks to a purchaser who lived in an adjoining town some twenty minutes away.  He saw the advertisement in the ‘Statewide’ newspaper we had advertised the property in.

The local agents used a sign board, placed a photo in their local office window and used the local newspaper.  The problem was that the eventual buyer was not a local. He didn’t drive past the property to see the sign board, or walk past the agents office window or pick up the local newspaper.  He was a purchaser that the agents had not catered for.

Whereas I brag and am proud of our local teams and local regional offices, our marketing and selling strategy is also local and expands to a greater regional, statewide and national demographic.  We understand that the world doesn’t stop at the 80 kmh sign heading out of town.

As our offices are part of one group and not a competitive franchise, we have a programme in place that means all properties, buyers and even tenants are cross-referenced and marketed in all of our offices.  I say unashameably that there is not another agent in Australia that has direct access to the markets that we have!

It is pleasing when I see buyers that own a property in Roxby Downs then purchase from us in Tennant Creek, or a Mining Company in Tennant Creek ask for our assistance in Darwin.  

This is part of the Andrews Property (AP) difference.

The Real Estate industry sometimes brags about ‘customized’ marketing strategies but in essence they are generally the same across the board.  At Andrews Property, since we are known through most of regional Australia, we will ascertain the profile of the most likely purchaser for your property and where we may locate them so that we are then able to discuss with you a campaign to attract those buyers.  The campaign for your property may include any or all of the following:-

We are proud of who we are and our unique profile and will work hard to value your life and household.