Property Management - Landlords

One of the most important characteristics that an investor requires from their Property Management team is the understanding that there is a consequence for every action.

Just as important as the accountability of the Property Manager, is the depth of processes and systems that work in the background behind the Property Manager.

The bulletproof system used by Andrews Property has been developed with more than 100 years of combined Property Management experience – this is our client’s security!

Our understanding and knowledge of management provides:-

At Andrews Property, we are privileged to work in any number of dynamic environments.  Just as dynamic are some of our corporate tenants that we have managed and still continue to:

As with most forms of business, being a Landlord is a little like running your own small business due to the highs and lows involved.  So whether you have a private tenant or a corporate tenant there are advantages in both environments.  Over the decades we have navigated through both the private and corporate sectors and are well positioned to advise and assist you and your property.

“Above all we have empathy” says Warren Andrews.  “I have my own rental properties and I know the pain and anxious thoughts experienced when the property is vacant, the tenant doesn’t pay their rent on time or the maintenance costs seem to be blowing out and you feel you have no control.  I know how you feel and promise to work hard with my team to minimize any pain, anxiety and exposure.”

The other side to being a Landlord is the investor ‘hat’.  Making the correct decision when buying and effective Property Management teamed with some patience; you will enjoy the spoils of equity and capital growth. 

“Here’s to your success!” – Warren Andrews

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